PBS and Poetry in America

The PBS series Poetry in America explores different American poems and how they are interpreted by people in all walks of life. The idea behind this series is to bring enrichment through poetry to everyone globally.
Miyamura High School was approached by Johns Hopkins University in 2019 to offer a pilot course in Poetry In America. This initiative was the first of it's kind and set out to reach those students from rural and impoverished areas with opportunities to learn from some of the most prestigious schools in the country while still attending high school. The first year the program was offered to MHS students, it was facilitated by Harvard University as a dual credit course with participating students from around the country. Students participating in this course must apply and be committed to following through with this very challenging course as they are attending virtually without the accompaniment of a high school teacher. The 2020 course of Poetry In America was offered by Arizona State University.
In 2021 PBS representatives reached out to Miyamura and program facilitator Dr. Nancy Post. PBS is doing a segment on Southwestern poetry with two contemporary regional poets and wanted to interview Miyamura's 2020 Poetry in America participants. Those to be interviewed for the segment are Seniors: Nicolette Brite, Daniela Martinez, Rheanna Smallcanyon, Cajaun Cleveland and Junior: Tasheena Thompson. They will be asked about their experience in the class and their unique interpretation of the two poems being analyzed.
The young students have experienced amazing growth in the course from their anxious beginnings to their confidence building abilities to understand and reflect on poetry. This unique, once in a lifetime opportunity has proven to be very beneficial to those participating; giving them perspective and assurance to pursue other academic endeavors.
The segment will air sometime this Fall as part of season 3 on the Public Broadcasting Service.One Act