Johnson O'Malley Program

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Funded by the Bureau of Indian Education and subcontracted under the Navajo Nation, the Johnson-O'Malley Program provides an approved Education Plan composed of several components with educational goals and objectives.  In collaboration with the Indian Education Committee,  Gallup-McKinley County Schools implements the goals and objectives of the JOM Educational Plan consistent with all state and federal laws.  Funding for the JOM Program is based on the enrollment of eligible Native American students in the district.  School Principals are the leaders for each individual School Site Education Plan for JOM funds.  Parents and students should seek guidance from their Principal regarding the JOM funded activities at each school.  To learn more about the JOM program, click on the file link below (25 CFR 273).


Need assistance with cap and gown

for an eligible JOM senior?

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IEC Work Session - Saturday, February 16, 2019 at 1:00 pm in the SSC Boardroom. 




Interested in becoming a member of the IPC?

Frequent Asked Questions: 

  1. 1.  What do I need to do to become an Indian Parent Committee member?  Talk to your school principal and write a letter of interest. If the position is open and the school is accepting nominations, your school may be preparing for a school election.  All information regarding an IPAC election will be provided by your school principal.  Each school is to elect its own IPAC representative who is, also, a member of the school's Advisory School Council.
  3. 2. When do I start attending the IPC meetings?  Carmen Moffett will be contacting you to go over the expectations and role of the IPC.  As the IPC representative for your school, you will be working in an advisory capacity on the Johnson-O'Malley Program.  


If you have any concerns regarding the Johnson-O'Malley Program, you can contact Carmen Moffett, Director, at (505) 721-1036