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Here is a list of winners of our first set of Virtual Skills Competitions 

Congratulations to the winners of the GMCS Virtual Cross-Country and Volleyball Skills Competitions!


Boys 8 Mile Relay Champions (Miyamura)- Sergio Chaverria, Shance Johnson, Tyan Benson, and George Piestewa


Cross Country Boys Individual Top 5:

1st Place- Tyan Benson (Miyamura)

2nd Place- Sergio Chaverria (Miyamura)

3rd Place- George Piestewa (Miyamura)

4th Place- McKay Evans (Ramah)

5th Place- Nicholas Yazzie (Tohatchi)


Cross Country Girls Individual Top 5:

1st Place- Lorianna Piestewa (Miyamura)

2nd Place- Aleeya Lambson (Ramah)

3rd Place- Keena Turney (Ramah)

4th Place- Kaleia Vicenti (Miyamura)

5th Place- Lydia Lambson (Ramah)


Volleyball Serving Contest Winners:

1st Place- Jordan Louis (Navajo Pine)

2nd Place- Kiklani Tallwood (Navajo Pine)


Weight Lifting Competition