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Hold on Hybrid

Hold on Hybrid Learning
At Friday's Special Board Meeting held on November 20, 2020,
GMCS Board members voted to put a hold on In-Person Learning.
The hold will take place from November 30-December 18, 2020.
We will resume In-Person Learning on January 4, 2021-for Students with Special Needs in small groups
*K-5 Elementary students may return to Hybrid Learning on January 19, 2021 *subject to change 
       Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Will my child’s school close temporarily? 

The GMCS Board has authorized a temporary pause of hybrid learning for Elementary Schools. 

My child was attending in-person at a GMCS elementary school, when will remote learning begin? 

Remote learning will continue after the Thanksgiving Break starting 11/30/2020. 

When will in-person learning resume? 

Elementary’s operating under the hybrid model are scheduled at this time to re-open on 1/04/2021 

When will my High School/Middle School be allowed to attend class in-person? 

New Mexico does not currently have a plan to bring back High/Middle School students for in-person learning-updates are ongoing 

Will my student still have access to food services? 

Yes. The Food Service Department will continue to provide meals for pick-up and coordinate delivery of meals to various bus stops. 

My student receives special education services, can they still attend school? 

Yes. Students with special needs can receive in-person services at a 5:1 ratio. Please contact your school for specific information. 

My child was learning in-person and is now moving to remote learning. I need help with internet access, how can I get a hotspot from the District? 

Contact your student’s school site, they will make sure a Wi-Fi hotspot is available for you to pick up at the school site.  

Will buses be made available to provide Wi-Fi? 

Wi-Fi services will continue to be provided through District buses, as well as, individual hot spots. 

Where can I go to continue to get updates? 


Facebook: Gallup-McKinley County Schools; 

Instagram: GMCSNews;

YouTube: GMCS Board Meetings 

How can I receive e-mail notifications from my child’s school? 

Please update your information with your child’s school if you have changed: Phone Number, Mailing Address, Physical Address, E-Mail or other contact information.  


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